Designing your Dream – Architectural Design

Design requirements

At an initial meeting, you and our architectural designer, will discuss your specific design requirements, including budget, location, style, space requirements, features, building site, and so on. A home is so much more than just a collection of rooms. We’ll talk about your lifestyle, hobbies, how you entertain at home, storage needs, the requirements of your family and anything else that might impact the design of the home. We’ll talk about how the house should be designed to suit the features of the site. We’ll talk about landscaping, outdoor living, whether your garage is just a place to park your vehicles or also a workshop. We’ll talk about energy efficiency options. We’ll talk about new building technologies. We’ll talk about all of this and much more.

Detailed specifications

The scope of work, design criteria and options are all thoroughly explored in the planning process. After the completion of design drawings, we’ll work on a detailed specification document and proceed to construction plans. The specification document outlines every detail of your project – from pre-construction details to landscaping. It ensures that you are getting exactly what you want and that an accurate budget can then be produced.

How long does it take to design a home?

We are often asked how long it takes to design a home. That depends on so many things: scale and complexity of the project, the number of directions the design takes as options and alternatives are explored, and the time you need to evaluate the design at each stage in the process, to name a few. It can take from a month or two to much longer. We always tell our clients that the design phase is time well spent to ensure that you are getting the home design you want.




Vision to Reality – Interior Design

Finishing details

Our experienced and accomplished interior designer will work with you throughout the project on everything from colour palettes to flooring, cabinets, tiling, and all the literally hundreds of finishing details along the way. We’ve honed an interior design decision making process that makes it fun, interesting, and enjoyable.  Our architectural designer is also available to assist with architectural details that are often best decided as the construction is underway. We also work with some of the best suppliers in central Alberta for finishing touches like window coverings, home automation and landscaping.

The ‘B’ Word – Budget

How much does a custom design build home cost?

It’s always more fun to think about what your home could be than what it might cost. But the reality is, the budget matters. Even before the design phase starts, we’ll have an up-front conversation about your budget and produce preliminary budgets as required. Aligning what you want to spend with what you want to get will shape the entire design and building process. We’ll work with you to find the balance between these two important parameters.

Detailed budget prior to construction

At the completion of detailed plans and specifications, we will proceed with the budgeting process. Since all our homes and renovations are one-of-a-kind, we complete a fully-tendered budget by accessing quotes from all the various trades and suppliers that will be working on your home. Once all costs have been compiled, a detailed budget will be presented to you prior to construction start.




Bricks and Mortar – Project Management and Construction

Staying informed throughout the building process

Bowood’s design-build advantage becomes even clearer as construction begins. During construction, you have the reassurance of knowing that the team in charge of your project is completely familiar with your design. Your project manager will keep you informed and consult with throughout the building process. Our architectural and interior designers are always close by to consult with you and the project managers throughout the project. Scheduled site visits will provide important opportunities for you to review the progress of work on your project.