In 1983, I’d recently completed my journeyman carpenter ticket and had done everything from framing to finishing carpentry. But interest rates were 18% and no one was hiring. My wife Patti said, “If you can’t find a job then maybe you’ll have to work for yourself.” Bowood was born.

We started out specializing in finishing carpentry and renovations. It wasn’t long before I was asked to build my first custom home. Patti and I were busy running our business and starting a family, but we knew that to be successful we couldn’t do it alone. I became involved in the Canadian Home Builders Association to learn best practices and to develop relationships in the home building community. I took courses through the Professional Homebuilders Institute and other organizations. Perhaps most importantly, we started building a team of other talented building professionals. Three of my staff became my business partners: Susan Knopp, Todd Zimmerman and Mike Bray.

After all these years, it’s time for Patti and me to move to the next chapter – retirement! I am going to miss all the people I’ve worked with in 35 years in business: staff, clients, trades, suppliers and colleagues. But other adventures await. I’ve passed the reins of Bowood into the capable hands of Susan, Mike and Todd. I know that they will carry on Bowood’s tradition of uncompromising quality and creating an exceptional building experience for our clients. I give my utmost gratitude to all Bowood’s staff. You have contributed so much to our success over more than three decades and I will miss working with you. Best wishes for many more decades of building remarkable homes and renovations.


Boman Husted
Founder and Past President